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I just heard about an intense survey that is being conducted of luxury timepiece collectors and I wanted to let you know about it.  I’m not aware of anything that has ever been performed like this.  ATimelyPerspective is getting behind promoting the effort and The watch industry’s leading research company, LGI Network, is administering the survey to ensure feedback from respondents is kept confidential. The CEO’s of most leading brands rely on LGI’s information to make critical product and business decisions.

In addition to being able to voice your opinions directly to the heads of brands on the types of products we want to see in the future, each qualified respondent will receive a confidential copy of the survey results.  The results will include unfiltered feedback on brand reputations, purchasing and trade-in practices, pricing, and lots of other information that will provide insights into the leading collecting practices.  If this sounds interesting, please enroll [update: the survey on is no longer running].  Also, please send this along to other collectors that you think might be interested. Thank you!

Watch Collector Initiative Survey Call Out

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