Free Diver Tolga Taskin Sets World Record Wearing Tutima M2 Pioneer

free lake diving, Tutima Pioneer M2

  It’s one thing to dive, it’s another thing to free dive – without any additional air to breathe. Add to that the idea of freediving in a lake as icy cold and its surface is frozen over. No thank you. However, Apnea diver Tolga Taskin looks forward to minutes like this. Recently, he dove…

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Watch Review: A Close-Up Look At Tutima’s M2 German-made Watch Line (original photos/prices)

German-made Tutima is a brand we are fond of here at ATimelyPerspective. In fact, we have covered the brand and its watches time and again — in articles that range from its daring aviation aerobics (here) to its top-of-the-line high-horology pieces (here). Recently, we got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the…

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