Election Day: Presidents’ Watches From Donald J. Trump to LBJ And JFK

Donald J. Trump at the Unveiling of his Trump Signature Watch Collection at Macy's in 2006

With America’s Election Day here — and with everyone around the world on pins and needles to learn who is the next president (which we probably will not know for a wile) …  we take a look at which presidents wore which watches over the years. Before moving on to the current President, let’s take…

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President’s Day: Scandal in the White House: 3 Watches Certain Presidents Couldn’t Wear

It’s President’s Day and — as we all know, when there are presidents involved, there is likely to be a little scandal.  When we look back on our nation’s history, we’ve had a few very interesting nuggets of questions be actions. Here we bring you a look at three watches that certain Presidents may not…

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He did What with that Rolex Watch? Take this USA President’s Day Quiz

Here in the USA, it’s President’s Day. Right from our very first president, these guys had their own quirks and habits. And, they wore watches. Here we bring you a brief President’s Day Quiz. 1 – What President refused – initially to accept his salary? 2- Who was the first president to be born in…

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