Luminescent Watches: How Watches Like Rolex, Tudor Get Their Glow


Today in history, in 1898, to be precise, husband-and-wife scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium. It was a discovery that would change lives forever, as the substance made its way into all walks life ranging from medical to watchmaking. Radium was the true start of the luminescent watch and the leader (albeit a killer one) of the pack…

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Explore the Galapagos, Be Darwin – OR Wear a New IWC Aquatimer (Pre SIHH 2014)

Those of you who follow me know that I spent some time  on the Galapagos Archipelago – complete with a stop at the Charles Darwin Foundation and some island snorkeling — a few years back with IWC – as the brand pledged its support  to the Charles Darwin Foundation and to the preservation of this…

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