HYT Unveils $75,000 Soonow Watches

HYT Soonow

For those who love HYT — the watch brand with fluid to indicate time — you will either love or hate the all-new Soonow collection. Playing off of the skull concept (not new to HYT), the news series features a uniquely bold design that showcases a three-dimensional look beneath the dial. Essentially, each titanium is…

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Fast Focus: HYT Skull Pocket Watch to be Unveiled at SIHH 2017 (price)

HYT Skull Pocket Watch with liquid time indication and blue illumination

Earlier today on Haute Time, we broke the news of the all-new HYT Skull Pocket watch, which will be officially unveiled at next weeks SIHH 2017 exhibition. You can read all about the watch and the challenges in making it here. But now we bring you a quick look at the luminous, liquid time-telling Skull Pocket…

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HYT Watches Unveils H1 Ghost, Black Liquid, New Indications and Medical Devices

Black is the new green as HYT announces its latest release, the H1 Ghost. The new model, which is largely based on the original H1 released four years ago, uses a black liquid  as opposed to the green liquid used in the prior release. As the Ghost moniker indicates, the latest version is meant to be…

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End the Year with Light: Check Out the HYT H4 Metropolis Video

OK — regular readers here at ATimelyPerspective know that we love HYT – the hydromechanics line of watches that display time via fluid. Now, as we wind down 2015, we want to infuse time with a little excitement. Just over a month ago, we brought you the story of the brand’s newest H4 Metropolis — …

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Taking a Look at the HYT H4 Metropolis Watch that Indicates Time with Liquid

“Be water my friend.” The famous quote comes from Bruce Lee and is meant to drive home the importance of taking on the adaptable properties of liquid as it is able to flow into any shape. This is the first thing I think of whenever we have an opportunity to review a piece by Hydro…

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Top 13 Scary Halloween Watches: Skulls, Snakes, Spiders and More (slide show)

It’s Halloween, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than bringing you a slide show of a dozen top watches perfect for the day — and, well, for any day if you are a skull, snake, spider type of person. From the scary to the sublime, these watches offer a lot more…

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