The Watch World’s Nobel Prize, PRIX GAIA 2017, Goes To Wiederrecht, Mille and Marti

The GAIA prize for the 2017 awards.

In the watch industry, there is a single aware, the Prix GAIA, that may be the most important, validating award yet. A jury of professionals, along with the Curator at MIH (Museum of International Horology // International Watchmaking Museum)  selects the candidates for three categories: Craftsmanship and Creation, History and Research, Entrepreneurship.  This year, the…

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Today’s Best Watchmakers: Exclusive Interview with APRP’s Giulio Papi

We have written about Giulio Papi before here, but recently – on his first trip to New York City – we had the chance for another exclusive interview with this master watchmaker. A brain ahead of his time, Papi is the founder Renaud & Papi — one of the world’s finest complicated movement manufactures. Today…

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A Moment in Time: Renaud & Papi’s Giulio Papi

It was in the quartz rage era – the crisis of the mechanical watch – that the young Giulio Papi announced to his father that he wanted to be a watchmaker. The year was   1980, and Giulio Papi was 15. He apprenticed in a class of one-on-one – and got the education of a lifetime.…

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