Review of the Emmanuel Bouchet EB02 Automatic Limited Edition Watch

The Emmanuel Bouchet EB02 Automatic Limited Edition with diamonds -- in a conical setting -- is a technical masterpiece.

I admit, I am a great fan of watchmaker Emmanuel Bouchet who seems to think on a different level. About a year and a half ago, when he unveiled his first creation, the Emmanuel Bouchet Complication 1, we covered it in depth here.  Now, we got a good look at the newest rendition, the Emmanuel Bouchet…

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Emmanuel Bouchet Unique Complication One Up for Auction (Slide show)

Easily one of the most beautiful and complex timepieces ever made, the Complication One by Emmanuel Bouchet has been a hot topic among watch collectors around the world. Now, the brand has created a special unique piece for the upcoming Christies’s Important Watches auction on October 19th in Dubai. The special pice is crafted in…

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A Look at Emmanuel Bouchet’s Complication One

Considered one of the brightest watch minds of our generation, Emmanuel Bouchet was instrumental in the creation of the Harry Winston Opus 12, helped to create the Parmigiani Bugatti, and is a thought leader and watch consultant to many famous brands. Building on the success of his work on the  Opus 12, Bouchet struck out on…

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