Four Top Dive Watches Unveiled at Baselworld 2017, at Less Than $3,000: Eterna, Oris, Edox, Citizen

Edox Delfin, the Original Water Champion, in new updated diver version.

Today’s active lifestyles are all about exploration and sports. One of the top hobbies, especially in warm weather and tropic environs, is diving. While diving requires a lot of equipment and can be a bit costly, it can also be affordable. Imagine diving the incredibly beautiful yet super affordable Bali, for instance. That may well…

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Bone-Chilling: Edox’s HydroSub Anniversary Diver’s Watch Withstands -40°F Waters

I bet if I put my car keys in a plastic bag submerged under -40°F water for three minutes they probably wouldn’t work anymore. To be honest, if I put my body into water that cold I most likely wouldn’t work anymore either. However, in celebration of Edox’s 50th  anniversary of its HydroSub Automatic divers watch,…

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