Bourbon: The Spirit of America — Join Us on the Bourbon Trail, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve

Bourbon is America's spirit.

It isn’t something everyone would admit, but those who know me know that I developed a love of bourbon early in life. As a teenager growing up, my mom regularly hosted parties, and drinking sociably at home was quite accepted in the early 1960’s and 70’s. Their drinks are the stuff of history: Manhattans, Bourbon…

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Monday Cheers! American Whiskey at its Finest, and the Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

With August upon us we enter what may be the hottest month of the year. So, cooling off and relaxing this month is in order (especially for the Swiss who are celebrating the country’s birth today). One brand that has ideas on how to do that is a new American-made blended whiskey brand: Virgil Kaine…

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